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A Nifty Garden?

29 Jun

Hello, world. Do you remember me?

I’ve been a bit quiet this week on the blog, but, boy, do I have a lot to tell you! About two weekends ago (June 15- June 17), we went on an adventure. Steven’s younger sister was visiting us at Swarthmore, and I was antsy to get off campus and explore a new place. So, on Saturday morning, after getting up late and cleaning the apartment (having your own place means that you can’t complain about the messy kitchen, because it’s your own fault), I began to research different activities in the nearby area. Naturally, I turned to Google, and, with no concrete ideas in mind, I searched “things to do in Philadelphia.”

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Out of the Office: Lacrosse Camp!

28 Jun

First off, sorry for the lag time ya’ll. I went home for my 21st birthday ^__^

Anyway, much to my heart’s dismay, this week I spent my time out of the admissions office. Luckily for me, I will still having plenty of fun coaching the Garnet Elite Lacrosse camp down at the stadium on Swat’s campus. Around 100 local kids have been coming out everyday this week learning “The Creator’s Game” from current Swarthmore players and coaches. Their days consist of basic skill work, conceptual drills, games, and skill competitions. Also, during the day we have had outside guests visit and talk with the kids about lacrosse, and it’s presence here in Philadelphia. On wednesday, for instance, the Philadelphia Wings and their mascot, Mad Dog, came to campus and did a bunch of giveaways.

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An Unexpected Sunday

25 Jun

Hello, readers!

This post is slightly overdue, but better late than never, right?

Before I can catch you all up on some of the events that happened these past few days, I’m going to rewind to the weekend before this past weekend (June 15th-June 17th) and tell you about my chaotic Sunday evening.

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Lauren and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad….but AWESOME DAY!

25 Jun

WARNING: This blog post is filled with a bunch of side notes, parentheses, and a slightly confusing, and lengthy plot. I will attempt to make this make as much sense as possible. But, I apologize in advance. You have been warned.

So, it’s been a while since my last post. I was kind of saving up my weekly blog space for Friday’s scheduled event. Little did I know, just how crazy and awesome of an adventure I was going on this particular Friday night.

The initial plan: Kenyetta (an admissions fellow), Tim (fellow rising sophomore), Sarah (Kenyetta’s friend from home), and I were going to see Childish Gambino at Penn’s Landing on the Riverfront.

Side note: Each year, Swarthmore puts on a large scale event (or LSE as we like to throw around on campus). This April, Childish Gambino came to the campus and performed for some of the students in Upper Tarble. I didn’t get to see very much of the concert because I was in the student dance concert that was happening at the same time. So, I was really excited to go see his full concert.

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The Bucket List: Magic Gardens

19 Jun

Hello, hello! Greetings from the Swarthmore Admissions Office.

Currently, I’m sitting next to Steven, anxiously anticipating eating lunch and thinking about all of the things I need to pack before I head home for the rest of this week. But, as I stare longingly at the refrigerator, I realize that there is something else that I can cross off of the bucket list: visiting the Magic Gardens.

Now, I did not complete this task with any other summer workers, but with a friend from my hall, Lorand.

Because Lorand is about to head off to China to do research with another Swattie, we decided to go into Philadelphia on Sunday (June 17th) and explore.

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The Bucket List: Taming Tennis

18 Jun

I should preface this post by saying that I am not good at sports. Really, I’m absolutely rotten at them. While I took up running in high school, games such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball never seemed to click with me. Because of this, I usually tend to avoid sports that involve a ball. Eddie, however, recently reintroduced one into my life: tennis.

So, without further ado, let us discuss another item on our Summer Bucket List. Ladies and gentlemen, this summer, Eddie and I will successfully play one game of tennis.

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Trash 2 Treasure

15 Jun

Hey Ya’ll!

This past weekend was the 6th annual Trash 2 Treasure sale!!Image

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