Meet Aileen!

6 Jun

Hi! My name is Aileen (it’s pronounced like sail without the “s”… Sail-een).

I am currently a rising Sophomore at Swarthmore, and this summer I’ll be working with the Admissions Office. Because I am staying on campus for the summer (in Strath Haven–a great apartment complex that, thankfully, has AC and a kitchen), I, along with Steven and Lauren, get to update this blog with what is happening around campus this summer. But, before we get to what it is like to be at Swarthmore during the summer, let me introduce myself…

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so what better way to introduce myself than this photo?

(I should note that I really like photos, so my posts will probably be filled with them.)

So, now that we’ve been properly introduced, here are some facts about me:

Class Year: 2015

Where I’m from: New York

Birthday: June 20th

Things that I like: Fruit (perhaps a bit too much), creative writing, reading, tango, trying to learn dances from YouTube videos, skiing, cracking my back, the feeling of my stomach dropping on a roller coaster, broccoli, attempting to play guitar, jazz music (among other genres),  tea and coffee, Christmas music (although I am not Christian), and Passover.

Arbitrary facts about me: I worked at Ben & Jerry’s for two years (although I’m deathly allergic to dairy, I make a mean sundae). I can make a very convincing pig sound. And, I’ve had fourteen teeth removed, two brought down, and, when I was younger, I had to wear a night brace.

In my natural habitat (AKA Ben and Jerry’s).

High School: Emma Willard School (A four-year boarding school in Troy, NY).

RD/ED?: I applied Regular Decision and was accepted off of the waitlist mid-June of 2011.

(Potential) Major: English and French double major

Activities that I participate/will participate in on campus: WSRN (our radio station), SwaTango along with other dance classes, composting, the WA program, volunteering with SREHUP at the student-run homeless shelters in Philadelphia, and, hopefully, an upcoming group about modern-day slavery.

The WSRN studio with our nice, new equipment.

Favorite class that I’ve taken at Swarthmore (so far): Comparative Perspectives on the Human Body (Sociology and Anthropology).

Favorite memory at Swat (so far): It’s a tie. The first moment was during Orientation Week. My hall and I spent a lot of time playing card games, staying up all night playing ERS (Egyptian Ratscrew). When Hurricane Irene was approaching Swarthmore there was a ton of rain. The field outside of Mertz (my freshman dorm) is notorious for becoming a swamp when it rains. The grass was a wreck, so we all decided to go mud-sliding late at night. It is definitely one of my favorite memories, and it was a great way to start off the year. The second memory took place at the end of second semester. During the start of reading week (a period of time in which students study for finals without having to attend class), a group of friends and I went to Atlantic City and sat on the beach. We watched the sunrise and then ate breakfast. It was nice to leave campus and spend some time with my friends before I had to really focus on finals and packing.

Atlantic City!

Something I’ve learned at Swat: It is good to say yes. I have a habit of trying to plan out my day so that I can better balance work with my other activities. But, sometimes unexpected opportunities arise. While it is difficult to ignore what I think I should be doing, saying yes has often led to experiences that have become my favorite memories of Swat.

Well, that’s about it for now. But, I’m sure that you will get to know Lauren, Steven, and me much more as we continue posting this summer. Happy Wednesday!


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