Meet Steven

6 Jun

Hey! My name is Steven and I am a rising sophomore working at the Swarthmore Admissions Office this summer with Aileen and Lauren. I had a great first year and that is why I decided to stay on campus and work at Admissions for the summer. This blog is will document the many fun adventures Aileen, Lauren and I will have this summer at Swarthmore. But before we get to that, here is a bit more about me:

Caught off guard

Hometown: Audubon, PA (about 25 minutes away from Philadelphia, right next to King of Prussia) – As in John Jay Audubon, the bird dude

High School: The Hill School (It’s a four year boarding school in Pottstown, PA)

RD/ED?: I was accepted during regular decision. I had an amazing time at Ride the Tide (the accepted students weekend) last year and it gave me every reason in the world to come to Swarthmore.

Prospective Majors: Political Science and an special major in Urban Studies (still figuring out how to create this major)

Activities On-Campus: Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO), OASIS (Our Art Spoken In Soul), Housing Committee, Mock Trial (Next year I will also be a Student Academic Mentor (SAM) and on Admissions Committee)

My SAO Family!

Activities Off-Campus: I co-founded the website, The Collegiate with another Swarthmore student. This website discusses strategies and ways to destress the college application process.

Favorite Class: First Year Seminar: From Handscrolls to Comic Books. This was my first Japanese Art History course and I will definitely be taking more art history courses in the future because of it. The professor was passionate and my classmates were brilliant. I also met one of my best friends in that class. What more could I ask for?

Best Memories at Swarthmore:

1) Late night conversations with my friend Nyantee in Parrish Parlors. Once it passes 2:00 AM, we have no idea what we’re saying anymore. Hilarity ensues.

2) Chinese New Year Dinner with my DK (David Kemp) 1st friends! It was a great time to get away from campus and celebrate the holiday for the first time without my family.

Chinese New Year Dinner!

Stuff I Like to Do: Reading, composing music, watching movies, cooking (with Aileen, of course)

Goals this Summer: To learn basic Japanese, to learn how to cook better (especially Thai food!), and enjoy all the free time

So there is just a bit about me and I’m looking forward to posting more as the summer goes on!

Stay Excellent,


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