(Nice to Meet You) Anyway — Meet Lauren

7 Jun

Hello there! My name is Lauren Barlow, but you can call me Cthulhu (pronounced kuh-THOO-loo) — although that’s definitely not required. I am currently a rising sophomore here at Swarthmore in the class of 2015. I am a prospective engineering major. This summer I am working for the admissions office: giving tours and other office fun. I really enjoy giving tours because I love giving unsolicited information about the school, but now I have an appropriate forum for my Swarthmore Love…and walking backwards is pretty fun.

Hometown: My home away from this home is Olney, MD.

Birthday:  According to my family, my birthday is May 26. According to an error on my birth certificate, I should be celebrating a few days earlier on May 23. I choose to believe my mother who might have this really ingrained in her memory for some reason.

High School: I attended James H. Blake High School, a public school of a little under 2000 students in Silver Spring, MD.

ED v. RD: I applied regular decision. I did not know I was coming to Swarthmore until Ride the Tide. RTT is an awesome open house event in April for admitted students. And, I am still friends with some of the people I met that April.

Hanging out with my headset, dressed in all black, in the “o” during TEDx Swarthmore.

Favorite activity at Swarthmore: I spend a lot of my time dressed in all black — not by choice. I am a lighting technician for the Lang Performing Arts Center. At LPAC I sometimes hang a few lights, operate the lighting board for shows, or run around stage moving stuff during briefs periods of blackout.

Favorite class taken at Swarthmore: Even though I only have 1 year under my belt, I think it’s going to be hard for other classes to compete with my favorite. My favorite class is the First Year Seminar, What’s so Funny?: Cultures of American Humor. Random fact I learned from that class: Benjamin Franklin was hilarious. Seriously, if you have free time, read his stuff. One of my favorites: Advice on the Choice of a Mistress. We started our readings around that time period and worked our way through history, stopping along the way to read authors like: Fanny Fern (Feminism/ Cult of Domesticity) and most recent, Tina Fey (during this time we had a running assignment of watching 30 Rock). Awesome class!

My favorite memory: I’m going to cheat a bit for my favorite memory. So, my favorite memory from my freshman year is the hall life on Dana 3rd (my dorm). In more detail they are:

  • My RA reading the Polar Express to the hall while we were sipping hot chocolate in our pajamas right before winter break
  • Seeing the faces of fellow hall mates the morning after we stay up way too late taking and bonding
  • Watching a private screening of High School Musical 3 the week before exams in the LPAC Cinema with two hall mates

The wonderful Zac Efron displaying some great teen angst on the cinema screen.

Random facts about me: 

Documentation of my love.

1. I LOVE FRUIT!!!! My favorite fruit, although not pictured, is the PEACH! I am super excited for peach season this summer. I eat scary amounts of peaches during the summer. There might have to be a blog about my adventures in peach picking, but I don’t know if the world is ready for that. (Random fact 1a. For my birthday in 6th grade, instead of decorating my locker with candy, my friends filled it with golden delicious apples — my favorite apple type of the moment. 1b. I know way too much about apples. I wrote a rather lengthy free write about it once in 9th grade. 1c. Apple of the moment: Gala.)

2. I know a lot about television. Luckily there is no current photo documentation of my DVD collection, but it’s bad, in a very wonderful way. Favorite show at the moment: Community — each week they produce a really inventive, hilarious show.

3. I love baking! Not much to say there.

Various views of a chocolate/ vanilla checkered cake I made with a baking buddy. His hands are pictured.

4. My favorite place to study at Swarthmore is actually LPAC. Even though I already spend ridiculous amounts of time in the building, I love studying  and doing problem sets in random corners of the space–and we can pretend it’s a really poetic statement of combining the sciences and art.

What I’ve learned at College: It’s okay to lose an hour of sleep if you’re having a great conversion. This kind of goes along with my favorite memories, but I’ve had wonderful times hanging with hall mates and other friends late at night. I might have to start a problem set later than originally planned, but I’ve gotten to know friends so much better in the wee hours of the morning, it’s completely worth the cost of a little sleep.


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