Meet Eddie!

9 Jun

Ayo! My name’s Eduardo Montenegro, but you can call me Eddie.

Just a day in the life.

I’m a rising senior here at Swarthmore in the class of 2013 (what what?!) and I’m a history and art history double major. I’m here over the summer interning at the Independence Seaport Museum as a curatorial intern and of course, working in admissions. I’ll be living in the Phi Psi Fraternity lodge this summer and hope, with the help of this blog (yay interwebs!) to give you a feel for campus life throughout the summer. Before I dive into that though, here’s a little more about me:

My home for the summer :]

Hometown: Manorville, NY (about 3 hours away from Swat and an hour east of NYC on Long Island.)

High School: Eastport-South Manor HS (Go Sharks!!)

Random Fact: I’m big into taking food shots (although I don’t think i’m particularly good at it.)

Sweet potato waffles with honey butter, bacon, and a side of sausage. Toast, Port Jefferson, NY

Chocolate chip cinnamon-raisin french toast stuffed with banana cream and an order of bacon. Maureen’s Kitchen, Smithtown, NY

RD/ED?: I was an ED II applicant. It seems like forever ago that I had to fill out all the paperwork and stuff. All i remember is not having my SAT II requirement filled until just after the ED I deadline so I had to wait. Tragic, I know.

Major[s]: I’m a history and art history double major and following graduation I hope to do graduate work in the museum studies field so i can ultimately curate a museum.

Activities: Varsity Men’s Lacrosse, Tour Guiding. Phi Psi Fraternity, and of course, I serve as the Co-Chair for the Orientation Committee (I hope you 2016’s are as stoked as I am for August. Just saying’.)

Favorite Class i’ve taken at Swat: History of the Caribbean. A great mix of lecture, discussion, and a fascinating body of subject matter (Pirates anyone?)

Favorite Swat Memory: Definite Tie. The more recent would be my lacrosse team’s thrilling Triple Overtime upset home win over arch rival Haverford. I’ve never seen a team come together so well than I did that day and I’ll never forget charging the field and dog-piling my teammates after we won.

3OT Victory over Haverford.

The other would definitely date back to my freshman year. We got hit with a humongous blizzard and my frosh dorm, Willets, caught wind of a dorm from across campus (Wharton) raising their banners and marching with intentions of sacking our home. We set up two perimeters and what followed was perhaps the most epic snowball fight ever witnessed by man. There was a trebuchet, a kid dressed as Napoleon, a flag (that eventually caught fire,) and about 60 people. The Battle of Willets hill will live in infamy as one of the all time most brutal snowball fights ever (lasting roughly 2 hours) as well as the most fun i’ve ever had with my hall mates.

My best Swarthmore/ Life advice: I mean, looking back at my first three years here, i’ve learned a whole lot. There’s no doubting that. I think the best thing to figure out, because it does really make itself apparent early on is that you are no longer a big fish in a small pond. Everyone here is ready to challenge and be challenged in hopes of maximizing their four years. Swatties are curious. Swatties are motivated. Swatties are interesting. When you get to college, you need to take a step back and just really get a hold of where you actually are, and once you realize that your peers are just as useful a resource as your professors or your books, than you can really start enjoying yourself. Everyone has something to offer. Why not take advantage? My favorite thing about Swarthmore is that it’s not a competitive environment and everyone here is ready to help you towards a common goal. I guess what’s really important is being able to help them too.


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  1. cookie d July 11, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    eddie you are the beez kneez

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