Trash 2 Treasure

15 Jun

Hey Ya’ll!

This past weekend was the 6th annual Trash 2 Treasure sale!!Image



For those of you who don’t know, T2T is a charity event run by students which takes items other swatties decide they don’t need at the end of classes (trash) and resells them to members of the community (treasure). What one can usually hope to encounter ranges anywhere from textbooks to fridges; sofas to sneakers. All proceeds go charity organizations in the nearby town of Chester, making the event one especially dear to those participating

I was lucky enough to help with the setup a little bit on a few of my off days and I was just so taken aback not only by the contents of the sale but the commitment of the volunteers. There must have been 10 to 15 volunteers fluctuating in and out throughout each of the setup days moving an entire fieldhouse worth of merchandise (the event is held in the Lamb Miller Field House.)


Aerial view of the sale before it opened.


A volunteer arranging some of the many items donated for the sale.

The dedicated staff spent their time loading and driving vans, sorting through garbage bags full of items, and then sorting these items in those bags even further until the entire venue was neatly arranged categorically making the shopping experience quick and easy. It’s amazing how many things would otherwise have just been thrown out and discarded. Some students simply don’t have the room to store or bring with them items from their dorm room (I for one am a huge pack rat and donated a good amount myself.) Why let these perfectly good items go to waste?

Just a few highlights from the sale, I managed to pick up some pots and pans for my kitchen, a brand new futon for my room in the fall, and a GRE review book (but we don’t need to talk about the GRE…ever).

Anyway, I was really happy to have been given the chance to participate both as a volunteer and eventual customer. T2T is a really great way for Swatties to get involved in the local community as well  as trick out their dorm or apartment with high quality wares that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. If you have a chance to help out or even just stop by and browse this coming year, I highly suggest it!



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