The Bucket List: Taming Tennis

18 Jun

I should preface this post by saying that I am not good at sports. Really, I’m absolutely rotten at them. While I took up running in high school, games such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball never seemed to click with me. Because of this, I usually tend to avoid sports that involve a ball. Eddie, however, recently reintroduced one into my life: tennis.

So, without further ado, let us discuss another item on our Summer Bucket List. Ladies and gentlemen, this summer, Eddie and I will successfully play one game of tennis.

But, wait just a moment. I can see you now, brow furrowed, smirk forming, eyes narrowing. You think this is silly. After all, one game of tennis is hardly a big deal, right? Not worthy of being on the bucket list, right? Well, I can assure that, for me, this is no easy feat. Like I said, I’m bad at sports, therefore, crossing this off of the bucket list is going to take some work (and hand-eye coordination).

This all started last Tuesday (June 12) when Eddie saw me at the gym after work. I was almost ready to head out, but he asked if I wanted to play tennis. Did I want to play tennis? No, not at all. I had dinner plans that I was already running late for. I needed to shower. I have horrible coordination. Anything to avoid playing tennis. But, I said yes (if you remember my introduction post, I have been trying to yes to as many opportunities as possible).

And, we spent about an hour on the courts.

I didn’t quite look like this…

I probably looked more like this.

Or this…

…or this…

It was definitely an interesting experience. While we didn’t really get to play tennis, I did work on hitting the ball over the net…sometimes. Again, it’s like I said, I’m horrid at sports. But, Eddie was patient with me (especially when I would get soexcited over hitting the ball that I would then miss it when he hit it back to me). And, we played again on Friday– and I think I improved!

I still have a lot of work to do before I will be able to play a game. Taming tennis is definitely not crossed off of our bucket list yet– but we’re on our way!

Happy Monday!



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