The Bucket List: Magic Gardens

19 Jun

Hello, hello! Greetings from the Swarthmore Admissions Office.

Currently, I’m sitting next to Steven, anxiously anticipating eating lunch and thinking about all of the things I need to pack before I head home for the rest of this week. But, as I stare longingly at the refrigerator, I realize that there is something else that I can cross off of the bucket list: visiting the Magic Gardens.

Now, I did not complete this task with any other summer workers, but with a friend from my hall, Lorand.

Because Lorand is about to head off to China to do research with another Swattie, we decided to go into Philadelphia on Sunday (June 17th) and explore.

So, we got on the SEPTA towards Philadelphia and had a Philly adventure.

And…we’re off!

After getting off at Market East station, we walked around (the weather was absolutely stunning) and found the Magic Gardens.

The Magic Gardens are amazing! If you ever have the chance to check them out, you should. They were created by Isaiah Zagar in the 1990s. It took him 14 years to complete the 3,000 square foot space. But, in 2002, the owner of the lot wanted to sell the land. The community gathered together to preserve the work, and since then, the Magic Gardens helps to honor Zagar.

Here are some photos (but, again, you should really see it for yourself!):

My mouth is gaping in almost every photo… there was so much to see!

This was high up on top of one of the walls that Zagar created. I might have climbed onto a seat to see what was on top of the walls.

Some of Zagar’s work is inspired by the time he spent in Peru while he was with the Peace Corps.

Did I mention that the weather, and, therefore, the lighting was perfect?

One of the many four-armed men that we saw.

It really is breathtaking. There are so many things to look at, it’s hard to take it all in, let alone imagine creating the art. I’m still processing it all, and I know I’ll go back to discover different parts that I didn’t see this time. My favorite part of the day was the collection of four-armed men around the gardens. We saw at least 4 or 5.

Then we found a delicious coffeehouse near South Street; I’ll definitely escape there next year when I need to get away from campus. (I’m going to keep the name a secret because it’s worth it to stumble upon this place unexpectedly!) The drinks were great, and they accommodated my allergies.

Hazelnut Chocolate Hot Chocolate (non-dairy, of course)… yum!

Lorand was patient and put up with my non-stop photographing… I like to think I’m helping him cultivate his modeling skills.

After a few hours in the coffee shop, we found a delicious vegetarian restaurant and stuffed ourselves with vegan food and non-dairy ice cream.

To finish off the night, we walked around in a park with over-sized game pieces.

And then we went into a random building and I joined a new family. (This photo is so hilarious. There were other fake people on poles across the ceiling. These two characters were staring up at the random people. I had to join.) 

Finally, we headed back home and then saw a movie (a post will be out about that adventure later this week).

It was a great Sunday and a great way to spend a summer day!

Happy Tuesday (which, for me, is a Friday-because I get to go home!)



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