An Unexpected Sunday

25 Jun

Hello, readers!

This post is slightly overdue, but better late than never, right?

Before I can catch you all up on some of the events that happened these past few days, I’m going to rewind to the weekend before this past weekend (June 15th-June 17th) and tell you about my chaotic Sunday evening.

Picture this (if you will): After a long day out in Philadelphia (see the Magic Gardens post for details), stuffed full of delicious Aileen-friendly food (AKA non-dairy, vegetarian snacks), Lorand and I returned back to Strath Haven tuckered out and ready for some tea and pants with an elastic waistband. In the Admissions Suite at Strath, I found an equally exhausted Steven and a very, very energetic Lauren Sanchez (an Admissions Fellow is absolutely awesome!). While it seemed that Steven was up for a cozy night in the apartment, Lauren and Lorand were ready for action. Earlier that day, I had said that we would go see a movie, and Lauren and Lorand have keen memories, so there was no avoiding them.

Steven hid in the laundry room while I attempted to stall the other two and create excuses. But, as I said, Lauren and Lorand were having none of that.

Half an hour later, Steven and I found oursevles snatched up, in the backseat of Lorand’s car with cups of coffee (thankfully, Lauren realized that we would need something to perk us up for the movie). I had accepted the fact that I was going to this movie, regardless of how much I tried to avoid it. (If you recall my first, introduction post, I try not to say no, so I reminded myself that there were no real reasons to say no to this movie.) Steven, on the other hand, ceaselessly complained about the fact that we were forcing him to go out in public donning “pajamas” (sports shorts) and “slippers” (adidas sandals)– the horror….

We ended up seeing Prometheus… and, while I could appreciate many of the aesthetic aspects of the movie, I was not convinced that we made the best film choice. Lauren, Steven, and I ranted about the reasons why we did not like the movie while Lorand persisted in defending it (and he brought up very interesting points).

I can imagine that some of you might be wondering why I wrote about this. I saw a movie… so what? True, the way in which I was “convinced” to see this movie was a bit unusual, and Steven’s reactions were pretty amusing, but that’s not why it was an unexpected Sunday. I write about this because what was an impromptu movie ended up turning into a very “Swattie” night. After returning to Strath Haven, the four of us spent about an hour debating the movie. The following day, we continued our conversation, researching various reviews and sending them to each other. I even created a fake movie critic blog to strengthen our argument against Lorand. It was absurd and engaging all at once.

And, above all, the important thing to take away from this is that if a Swattie coerces you into their backseat and gives you a cup of coffee, you should probably go with them and drink it. And, even if you do end up seeing a frustrating sci-fi film, an interesting, entertaining conversation will probably follow it.


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