Swat’s Cooking?: Fried Spinach Ravioli

6 Jul

After a long day of work, a bag of uncooked spinach ravioli sat in my refrigerator. Ravioli again? Bummer. However I had a brain blast and thought, tonight would be the night that I tried to fry the ravioli.

Success? I think so

While I wished I had a detailed recipe for this dish, I don’t. But here is what I did:

1) Boiled the premade spinach ravioli

2) In groups of four, I fried the raviolis with vegetable oil and seasoned them with garlic powder on each side

3) After one group was finished, I placed them on the place and sprinkled shredded mozzarella cheese on top of them and a bit of thyme (a spice that I randomly found in the Strath communal kitchen)

4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 until I had no more ravioli

Some things I learned from this fun experiment is that in order to better fry the ravioli, drench the ravioli in buttermilk or yolk and then layer it with breading or seasoning!

Stay Excellent,


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