Swat Bucket List: Crum Falls?

6 Jul

Hey Ya’ll!!!

Having been here for three years already, there are a ton of things I’ve been able to do! One thing I admittedly haven’t done though is really taken the time to explore the Crum. With over 400 acres of untouched woodland, you’d figure it’d be hard to miss, but here we are. Thankfully, fellow summer admissions workers Aileen and I took an impromptu hike through the Crum on our way to play some tennis (I think she was okay with the exchange). Anyway, about midway through the hike I let down my reservations (I’m not huge on the whole woods thing) and decided to just roll with it. Not because I was warming up to the idea of ticks and poison ivy but rather, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to cross yet another thing off of my ever expanding Swarthmore bucket list.

Who needs a sherpa when you have Aileen?

Ever since my freshman year, i’ve heard a million and a half rumors about Crum Falls, a magical place “somewhere near Mary Lyon.” Nothing against the Lyon’s Den, but that’s a part of campus I have had seldom reason to travel to.

Uprooted Trees.

Fortunately, my fearless companion, Aileen, had no problems taking every which back trail we could find with a real “we’ll find it eventually” mentality. We passed uprooted trees older than Swarthmore itself, crossed over narrow log bridges, and even found our way into an abandoned work site. We were getting somewhere, but was that somewhere close?

The Clearing.

After about roughly 2 hours, we found our way to the main road and decided to head home. Exhausted and defeated, we hung our heads when suddenly, there it was! Right off of the main road, we saw it! Admittedly, I was a little bummed to realize it wasn’t hidden in a remote piece of woodland only accessible by some sort Indiana Jones type obstacle course, but I quickly got over that.

The bridge.

It was gorgeous! The running water! The smoothed rocks! The surprising lack of bugs! This was the real deal in terms of surprises. I haven’t been this happy in a while. Not to mention it was my Birthday! Now while I won’t tell you where exactly it is, or how to get there, I will say it’s not that hard, and if you have the opportunity to really take the long way around then go for it. You will not be sorry.

The end result!

Until next time!


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