19 Jul

Saturday, July 6, it finally happened. I went PEACH PICKING at Linvilla Orchards (about a 12 minute drive from campus). In case you missed out on my introductory post, something important to know about me: I love fruit. But, more specifically, I love PEACHES. I had been waiting all summer for the orchard to declare the peaches ready to pick, so when the opportunity was available, I couldn’t wait.

I convinced Kenyetta to join me on this very hot (sweltering is probably the more appropriate term) Saturday morning. We didn’t have to worry about any crowds because the Blueberry Festival scheduled for that day had been canceled (potentially due to a slight heat advisory). And, as an added bonus to the wonderful peach picking, they opened up the blueberries for picking as well. There was a plentiful supply because they had cut off picking that week to prepare for the festival.

Kenyetta and me on our way to peach picking by way of a HAYRIDE.

We got our containers and set off on the hayride (haven’t done that in a while) to the picking locations. First up, PEACHES. (Okay, I’m going to stop with the all caps. I’m just attempting to convey my excitement).

Finally, we arrived at the peach trees. It was beautiful! I set off in an attempt to fill my flat to the brim.  I was practically running up and down the lines of trees. I wish pretend that I was acting cooler than this, but honestly, I was acting like a child let loose in a candy store. After the peach experience, we hopped on another hayride to get to the blueberry bushes. While not as overwhelming as the peaches, there might have been some crawling through bushes to get to a more abundant supply. At this point, I think it’s best to turn it over to the pictures.

Gleefully in my element. The peaches also smelled wonderful!

The blueberry bushes!

The result of our adventures in fruit picking!

So, although it might have been 102 degrees outside, we had a wonderful few hours picking lots of peaches and some blueberries. Over the next few days, I made blueberry pancakes (more like piles of blueberries held together with a little batter on top) and ate peaches until my heart’s content. Some day, I might trying doing something more creative with the peaches beside just eating them whole, but I find it difficult waiting long enough to rise off the fruit, so I can’t say I see that happening any time soon.


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