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Swat Bucket List: Crum Falls?

6 Jul

Hey Ya’ll!!!

Having been here for three years already, there are a ton of things I’ve been able to do! One thing I admittedly haven’t done though is really taken the time to explore the Crum. With over 400 acres of untouched woodland, you’d figure it’d be hard to miss, but here we are. Thankfully, fellow summer admissions workers Aileen and I took an impromptu hike through the Crum on our way to play some tennis (I think she was okay with the exchange). Anyway, about midway through the hike I let down my reservations (I’m not huge on the whole woods thing) and decided to just roll with it. Not because I was warming up to the idea of ticks and poison ivy but rather, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to cross yet another thing off of my ever expanding Swarthmore bucket list.

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Out of the Office: Lacrosse Camp!

28 Jun

First off, sorry for the lag time ya’ll. I went home for my 21st birthday ^__^

Anyway, much to my heart’s dismay, this week I spent my time out of the admissions office. Luckily for me, I will still having plenty of fun coaching the Garnet Elite Lacrosse camp down at the stadium on Swat’s campus. Around 100 local kids have been coming out everyday this week learning “The Creator’s Game” from current Swarthmore players and coaches. Their days consist of basic skill work, conceptual drills, games, and skill competitions. Also, during the day we have had outside guests visit and talk with the kids about lacrosse, and it’s presence here in Philadelphia. On wednesday, for instance, the Philadelphia Wings and their mascot, Mad Dog, came to campus and did a bunch of giveaways.

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The Bucket List: Taming Tennis

18 Jun

I should preface this post by saying that I am not good at sports. Really, I’m absolutely rotten at them. While I took up running in high school, games such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball never seemed to click with me. Because of this, I usually tend to avoid sports that involve a ball. Eddie, however, recently reintroduced one into my life: tennis.

So, without further ado, let us discuss another item on our Summer Bucket List. Ladies and gentlemen, this summer, Eddie and I will successfully play one game of tennis.

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Trash 2 Treasure

15 Jun

Hey Ya’ll!

This past weekend was the 6th annual Trash 2 Treasure sale!!Image

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Meet Eddie!

9 Jun

Ayo! My name’s Eduardo Montenegro, but you can call me Eddie.

Just a day in the life.

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