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19 Jul

Saturday, July 6, it finally happened. I went PEACH PICKING at Linvilla Orchards (about a 12 minute drive from campus). In case you missed out on my introductory post, something important to know about me: I love fruit. But, more specifically, I love PEACHES. I had been waiting all summer for the orchard to declare the peaches ready to pick, so when the opportunity was available, I couldn’t wait.

I convinced Kenyetta to join me on this very hot (sweltering is probably the more appropriate term) Saturday morning. We didn’t have to worry about any crowds because the Blueberry Festival scheduled for that day had been canceled (potentially due to a slight heat advisory). And, as an added bonus to the wonderful peach picking, they opened up the blueberries for picking as well. There was a plentiful supply because they had cut off picking that week to prepare for the festival.

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Lauren and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad….but AWESOME DAY!

25 Jun

WARNING: This blog post is filled with a bunch of side notes, parentheses, and a slightly confusing, and lengthy plot. I will attempt to make this make as much sense as possible. But, I apologize in advance. You have been warned.

So, it’s been a while since my last post. I was kind of saving up my weekly blog space for Friday’s scheduled event. Little did I know, just how crazy and awesome of an adventure I was going on this particular Friday night.

The initial plan: Kenyetta (an admissions fellow), Tim (fellow rising sophomore), Sarah (Kenyetta’s friend from home), and I were going to see Childish Gambino at Penn’s Landing on the Riverfront.

Side note: Each year, Swarthmore puts on a large scale event (or LSE as we like to throw around on campus). This April, Childish Gambino came to the campus and performed for some of the students in Upper Tarble. I didn’t get to see very much of the concert because I was in the student dance concert that was happening at the same time. So, I was really excited to go see his full concert.

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You Can Call Me Cthulhu…

15 Jun

I know you are all dying for an explanation of the name. Have no fear, the wait is over!

I got nicknamed Cthulhu during my work at LPAC (Lang Performing Arts Center). My claim to fame around the office is busting a lamp in a really cool manner. Although the death of the lamp wasn’t technically my fault (all great lamps must come to an end), the lamp did cease in exist under my operation of the board…and I now like to think that it was my epic mind control that destroyed the lamp in the most creative way possible.

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We’re Not Just Tour Guides

15 Jun

The Political Science and Pre-Med pamphlets we send out.

In addition to giving tours to prospective students who come to campus, as summer workers we are also responsible for sending out information to student who have shown an interest in Swarthmore.

On Thursdays, the names and addresses of interested high schoolers are pulled from a database, so we can send these students a letter from the college along with any additional information they have requested.

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(Nice to Meet You) Anyway — Meet Lauren

7 Jun

Hello there! My name is Lauren Barlow, but you can call me Cthulhu (pronounced kuh-THOO-loo) — although that’s definitely not required. I am currently a rising sophomore here at Swarthmore in the class of 2015. I am a prospective engineering major. This summer I am working for the admissions office: giving tours and other office fun. I really enjoy giving tours because I love giving unsolicited information about the school, but now I have an appropriate forum for my Swarthmore Love…and walking backwards is pretty fun.

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